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Acumen  Suites 

Project Analysis: Using Acumen Fuse Software we develop well-built and realistic project schedules without the worry of scheduling evaluations manually. We determine where project schedule, cost overruns and risk hotspots are happening, and more importantly, why they  overrun.

Forensic Analysis: we conduct schedule forensic Analysis, compare multiple schedules, understand the root-causes of delays, do “what-if” analysis and determine how potential changes  impact the project. Check what activities were added to or removed from the schedule, identity logic changes, and critical path changes, float & duration variance and cost variances or modified resources, work-resources allocations, and finalise schedule quality analysis

 Schedule Cleansing: we generate different schedules that were developed using different scheduling software packages and read them all in one at the same time and pinpoint scheduling flaws and complexities, such as out of sequence activities, constraints or redundant logic links, and remove them instantly. Create a clean version of the schedule and publish directly to source scheduling softwares such as Primavera or MS Project software.

Trend Evaluation: We pinpoint changes and variances between two or more projects, and determine the impact of otherwise hidden changes, and  identify the root-causes of delays and overruns.

Slice & Dice: We create groups of activities based on any attribute or code such as a contractor, WBS, resource, or location. Apply metrics to specific groupings for targeted analysis and insight.

Performance Tracking:  Do performance tracking  that helps our clients to visualise project performances from start to finish. Compare current project snapshots to past and future plans, or use a dashboard to gain visual insight into project status against hundreds of performance metrics set for  schedule, cost, risk, and the earned value parameters that can be applied to a project as a whole or to specific groups of activities

 Acumen Risk

Using Acumen Risk we do risk workshop validations and capture schedule risk and uncertainty. We identify schedule and cost risk events those account for unknowns, we provide alternative scenarios, develop risk adjusted schedules. Should risk occurs we interpret results and pinpoint risk drivers and exposures. We devise mechanisms for reducing schedule and cost risk exposures

 Acumen 360

Using Acumen 360 we generate schedule scenarios in real time, allowing mimicking  schedule acceleration opportunities or threats of delays and to immediately observe the impacts. We identify areas where acceleration is possible, a real-time view of how potential setbacks or opportunities for acceleration impact the project finish dates; helping to offset lost time during executions or identify a path for becoming earlier during planning.

Run ’what if’ analyses quickly and identify acceleration cases, propose the best and worst-case scenarios, and recover impact of delays. Conduct a schedule remediation by accelerating or compressing project schedules to meet faster completion deadlines or  get a delayed project back on track. Run critical path method (CPM) simulations with multiple iterating, progressively accelerating the project towards a defined goal using sets of user-definable criteria.

Help clients in answering questions like, “what happens if  Contractor A takes six weeks longer than planned?” or, “if we accelerate construction by 20%, how much sooner can we deliver the project?” The power to answer these questions, and toprepare for the answers, keeps a project team ahead of the curve and able to examine as many hypothetical situations as necessary.

Using Acumen software we are able to import files developed in various software (P6, MS Project, PRISMG2, Excel etc) and analyse them at the same time on the s ame platform and produce reports

With Acumen we do check schedule quality, logic quality, baseline compliance and realism as well as risk realism analysis and review  

We report metric results in tables, charts & graphs.  with capabilities to graph multiple metrics at once

We do cost and schedule uncertainty and risk event analysis using Acumen Risk  

We produce detailed or high level reports for asenior management/executives