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 Contract Administration, Claims and Dispute Resolutions 

We clearly define the responsibilities between contractual parties, manage, track, and help them to amend contracts starting from planning phase through to execution, completion, commissioning  and closeout processes.

We effectively administer contracts  in accordance with the terms and conditions of  contracts and ensure that all parties fulfil their contractual obligations under the contract.  


 We manage safety, environmental management systems
    • Construction safety plans
    • Accident & incident reports
    • Environmental management plans
    • Traffic management plans
    • Community liaison plans
    • Risk management


Quality management systems
    • Contractor’s management systems plans
    • As constructed information
    • Contract traceability records
    • construction programs
    • Contractor’s requests for information
    • Corrective and preventive action requests
    • Design review requests
    • Document controls and records management  
    • Hold points and witness points
    • Non-conformances
    • Procedural audits / field surveillance / product audits


Commercial,contractual & claims
    • Attending  meetings
    • Analysing and reporting project forecasts
    • Plans versus actuals (time and cost)
    • Principal’s materials / works
    • Progress payments / certificates
    • Valuation and interpretation of  ambiguity
    • Determining if Latent Conditions exist
    • Estimating additional costs and determine any extensions of time
    • Delegating powers or revoke delegations
    • Assessing the contractor's cost of taking precautions against losses
    • Acceptance and rejections of defective materials and valuation
    • Approval or rejections of working hours
    • Declaring a default under a contract due to unsatisfactory progresses
    • Order acceleration of the work under a contract 
    • Suspending resuming  progress of the works
    • Granting or rejecting Extension to Time 
    • Assessing liquidated damages
    • Determining adjustment to Contract Price on account of delay or disruption costs
    • Managing Defects Liability Period
    • Determining responsibility for costs of emergency works carried out by Principal
    • Variation orders 
    • Determine adjusted rate for work 
    • Assess rate for unscheduled work
    • Approve or reject plant hire charges 
    • Issuing Certificate of Practical Completion
    • Issuing Final Certificate
    • Adjust costs in the event of default or bankruptcy of a contractor
    • Make decisions on claims, or refer claims to arbitration
    • Produce weekly or monthly reports
    • Contract performance report
    • Contract closeout report

...we help  in choosing the right type of contract model &  prepare contract management plans...

... we organise contracts in phases... 

...we know internal & external stakeholders data are crucial. We engage stakeholders and obtain the right information ... 

...below are our key roles after a contract award  

The process flow below indicates how we  are hands-on contract administration jobs 

We ensure  contract administrations  processes fits into a project timeline