EEESS - Delivers PMO, ICT, Project Management & Technical Support

eeess  =  aiming   for" economically, ecologically, engineered   sustainable solutions in  projects and programs   management"

Enterprise MS Project 

Using MS Project we define Scope of Works and create Work Breakdown Structures. We do that at the start of the project through brainstorming sessions with  project teams. We breakdown the work into manageable components and assign to individual owners. 

We   sequence the activities and determine  logical sequences of activities, identify predecessors and successors for each activity, and identify dependencies

We consider MS Project’s well-organised menu structure and its commands as an opportunity to minimise unnecessary consumptions of time.

We assist in applying MS Project to perform  project controls and monitoring, as these features of MS Project  are less utilised by the industry

We assist in estimating Activity Resources including the resources assigned to the activities, and Activity Durations, and help in developing schedules

We enrich MS Project’s user-friendliness and attributes, particularly in  setting up the project plan and identifying activities and relationships

We assist in staging  up the work packages, sequencing the activities and determining the logical sequences of the activities, identifying predecessors and successors for each activity, and in determining dependencies