EEESS - Delivers PMO, ICT, Project Management & Technical Support

eeess  =  aiming   for" economically, ecologically, engineered   sustainable solutions in  projects and programs   management  "


We apply cutting-edge project management systems such as RIBiTWO. We integrate RIBiTWO with 3D Building Information Modelling ( BIM-modeling technology),  carry out real-time project planning, execution, control and delivery systems in 5 Dimensions, ie.,  3D visual design, the 4thD schedule,  and the 5thD  cost

All 5Ds communicating with each other automatically allowing real time planning, design, procurement (interactive tender and contract process) and connecting construction operations with cost and schedule performance analysis enabling as to apply Earned Value Management (EVM) Technique.


Using RIBiTWO we consolidate multiple CAD Models, design collaboration with architectural  and engineering, design analysts , capable of filtering cost-relevant data, and conducting clash detection

Quantity surveying

The feature of RIBiTWO helps us in quickly creating less detailed quantities and presenting quantitative data according to our clients standard coding systems and document layouts.

To carry out traceable quantity calculations with audit history, directly linking the Bill of Quantities and cost estimating, allowing direct attachment of relevant specification documents


We generate the Bill of Quantities (BoQ), for preconstruction budgeting, or detailed estimating at WBS and commodities levels based on detailed unit rate, or comparing with historical price database

Tendering and contract management

Using RIBiTWO we carry out real-time procurement and material supply  management, logistic and expedition analysis including all tender documentations at each tender phase; negotiation management, price management at each level of cost code or WBS; do cost benefits and margin analysis

Project planning, construction management and project controls

We  directly link RIBiTWO with scheduling software packages such as MS Project or Primavera P6 connecting to the Bill of Quantities allowing automatic data share, develop the schedule and do the schedule progress analysis.

We collect actual project data and analyse schedule costs and evaluate the project performances by automatically generating and visualising 5D performance outputs including  the Earned Value Management parameters,  trending and forecasting.

We import   design documents in 3D,  carry out quantity surveying and generate  the bill of quantity, export  the tender documents to tenderers allowing them to provide quotes, then import back complete tender  and do bid analysis ,  manage the contract in 5D

Actual progress aresimulated in 3D on RIBiTWO platform with actual progress data entered to the systems along with the impact on cost and schedule all  in real time and automated

Earned  Value Parameters are directly calculated using RIBiTWO . Schedule, and cost performance and progress forecasts are estimated and reported

We manage  project commissioning, transit  the benefits that sustain business values viably