EEESS - Delivers PMO, ICT, Project Management & Technical Support

eeess  =  aiming   for" economically, ecologically, engineered   sustainable solutions in  projects and programs   management "

Project & Program Management

    • Project Management 
    • Program Management 
    • Portfolio Management 
    • Business Case and Option Analysis
    • Scheduling and Planning
    • Cost Estimating
    • Change Controls & Management
    • Procurement Management
    • Contract Administration
    • Logistics and Expeditions
    • Risk Management
    • Commissioning & Closeout

Operational Readiness, Benefit Transition & Sustainment

    • Transition: New Projects into Operations
    • Operations:  Procedures, Templates Systems, Workflow
    • Sustainment: Operational, Valuable, Viable, Fit for the Purpose

Quality, Safety & Environment

    • Health Check: Projects, Programs, Process Performances & Audits
    • Business Improvement:  Auditing & Consulting
    • ISO 9001: Readying for Certifications, & Auditing
    • AS/NZ ISO 4801: Readying for Certifications, & Auditing
    • ISO 14001: Readying for Certifications, & Auditing
    • Contaminated Sites: Verifications, Validation Audits

    • Roads, Bridges, Railways,Ports, Telecommunications 
    • Mining & Metals, Oil & Gas
    • Commercial & Residential Buildings
    • Community Development
    • Water supply, Power, Energy
    • Research and Development 

..we accurately organise work packages, and deliver projects within timeframe...

...we apply a contingency at a WBS or  at an activity level so that we cover a risk as a measure of uncertainty...

Before it is too late to recover an overrun/underrun, we consider risks and opportunities due to unmeasured items (eg., risks related to design development, safety, approval processes, geotechnical investigations, weather forecast, industrial disruptions, unwanted contractor claims, changes of quality and specifications).