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PRISMG2 software is one of the project management systems that allows us to bidirectionally integrate  design and engineering, with cost estimating, procurement, contract and site/construction management, schedule, finance, risk, and human resources.

We skilfully operate PRISMG2 features applying it for change controls before the changes erode margins. We are skilled in preventing the surprises due to delays, schedule and  budget overruns enabling a project or a program end-to-end delivery.

Engineering and design management

Using PRISMG2 we prepare budget for engineering deliverables by hours and quantities, estimate progresses, collect actual design and engineering data and link them to baseline cost. We measure  accurate performance or progress and calculate earned value performance and report.

Procurement and contract

With PRISMG2 we establish and manage complete procurement process by generating engineering requisitions and manage delivery of materials and equipment to the job site. Develop bid packages from Requisitions, perform bid analysis, and Purchase Orders

We create Prime Contracts, manage Request for Proposal (RFPs), conduct bid analysis and award committed contracts, as well as complete payment process, complete revenue tracking and cash flow.

Cost budgeting and cost controls

By Applying our experiences and skills in PRISMG2 we improve planning, budgeting, earned value management, cost control and performance measurement,  reduce project risk and deliver projects within cost and schedule. We help to establish systems that provide easy, secure, role-based access to budget, progress and performance measurement, earned value cost and schedule analysis, change management, funding allocation, cost forecasting, and reporting.

This means we integrate project schedules and initial cost estimates to develop time-phased budgets and forecasts, eliminate the need for schedulers to resource load the schedules.

Complete earned value management that exceeds clients and contractors reporting requirements

Measure performance and productivity using cost, time, and quantity and resolving claims quickly with audit controls and change management processing

Construction  management

Using PRISMG2 we define, status, and progress of construction tasks by cost breakdown structures, by work breakdown structures, and

define deliverables by hours, by quantities and costs, record actuals from construction sites, accurately measuring progresses and report productivities

Cost estimating

We help in allowing estimators to deliver maximum results within a multi user environment by assigning multiple estimators to work on the same job, and do estimates in real-time. Allow experienced team collaboration by allocating defined roles for different estimators,  enabling/restricting to perform specific tasks. Ensuring consistency and centralisation of their estimates and estimating data consistency in the estimates

Integrations with   other  tools &   techniques

By applying PRISMG2 integration features we  integrate project controls with ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics

....we apply PRISMG2 and integrate design and engineering, cost estimating, procurement and contract, site/construction management, schedule, finance and accounting, risk, human resources .....

....we establish a database that allows all PRISMSG2 modules to talk to  each other live and automatically... 

...we easily carry out cost breakdown structures for estimating ...

... we simplify  input, analysis and output  processing and reporting...