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Primavera Risk Analysis  (PRA)

Using Primavera Risk Analysis Software we perform scheduling and risk analysis, risk assessment, risk response plan and risk register all in one package.


    • we provide a statistical breakdown of risk impacts on project schedules and budgets
    • We detect broken logics, open-ended tasks and other potential hidden schedule problems; verifying compliance with PMBOK and PRINCE2 requirements of a project risk management
    • Using Primavera Risk Analysis we identify tasks that pose the most impact to a project success, target areas for more detailed analysis and reveal the most cost effective mitigation strategies

    • We apply user defined templates to enable quick yet precise applications of risk impacts to individual activities or WBSs in a project schedule, and
    • Provide comprehensive inputs for activity duration, cost, and resources uncertainty in risk analysis
    • Define risks and their probabilities, mapping them to relevant tasks and assessing their impact on the schedule and budget

    • We utilise RAS's  extensive reporting options for comprehensive cost and duration analysis for entire project plans, selected tasks or sorted task groups, and 
    • Provide full scheduling/logic capabilities for building plans as well as convenient import/export comparability with primavera P6 and Microsoft Projects, and 
    • Run  cost/benefit analysis that will be used to compare risk mitigation strategies and understand how effectively the money would be spent. This means the cost of implementing  risk responses is included into the comparison analysis.

    • Show the net effect of the response on the project cost. The response can then be judged in terms of whether its net effect is to increase cost and whether that increase can be justified by the time it saves - assessing risk mitigation strategies makes it possible to fully understand effects, and
    • Enabling fairly negotiated, bids to be submitted at the right price.

 With objective risk assessment of projects and programs means  risk understood clearly, better planned and managed risks.

Using Primavera Risk Analysis (PRA) we determine different  likelihoods of project completion dates  or the likelihood of costs at which project completes

Using  PRA we identify tasks that are most likely to cause delay or increase the cost of a project

We  identify and measure tasks that are most likely to increase  aproject duration