EEESS - Delivers PMO, ICT, Project Management & Technical Support

eeess  =   aiming  for" economically, ecologically, engineered   sustainable solutions in  projects and programs   management  "

Tools and Techniques

We do procurement Modelling and assessment  quantitatively,  analyse and recommend models that align with our clients’ business strategy (whether conventional or the emerging PPP models). We then convert it into contracts  by defining and developing WBS, Work packages, Commitment packages, Purchase Orders, We apply:

    • Enterprise Primavera Unifier,
    • Prediction+
    • RIBiTWO,  
    • PRISM G2
    • and link with SAP or Oracle financial/accounting & HR systems. 

We further convert the Work Pages into activities lists, estimate activity durations, determine, activity sequencing/relationships and prepare project/program schedules using: 

    • Primavera P6
    • MS Project
    • Phoenix,  and 

Schedule risk and schedule quality analysis using:

    • Acumen Fuse, or
    • Primavera Risk Analysis


Assess and analyse schedule risk uncertainty analysis using the above risk analysis tools, prepare realistic schedule  with achievable targets & milestone dates, determine a critical path, evaluate resource optimisations

    • Critical chain method, and
    • Schedule adjustment using Acumen 360

 For each task  that is defined under the WBS and or Work packages we carry out cost estimations  using:

    • Expert Estimation  or
    • CostOs or
    • RIBiTWO or
    • PRISMG2
    • along with probabilistic confidence level or P values (P50, P90 or as required).

We facilitate risk workshops, assess risks & uncertainties, budget/cost risks, procurement risks, design risks, construction risk analysis and report project-wide risks or do at  the WBSs and Work packages levels, qualitatively and quantitatively and prepare risk registers & risk response plans along with risk management plan documents using

    • Primavera Risk Manager
    • @Risk
    • Acumen Risk software systems

 During project execution, monitoring and controls phase

    • we refer to available contractual, and
    • commercial laws, and

carryout out  claim analysis and forensic planning investigate the root causes of  schedule and cost overruns  and contractual disputes and resolve contractual disputes that is backed upwith quantitative evidences.

Schedule quality, KPIs,  agreed metrics reporting lookahead in user friendly formats 

 .. all in one page high level report or in details 

...We deliver objectively analysed EVM  reporting ..