EEESS - Delivers PMO, ICT, Project Management & Technical Support

eeess  =  aiming   for" economically, ecologically, engineered   sustainable solutions in  projects and programs   management "


We assist our clients in defining, analysing, designing, setting up and running Project and Program Management Information Systems (PMIS) & and  ICTs that are enabling our clients in collecting, configuring, analysing, storage, retrieval and distribution of information needed to manage and control projects, programs, and portfolios  through the integration of tools, techniques and processes that include:

    • Software tools
    • Document, data, and knowledge repositories
    • Configuration management tools
    • Change management system
    • Risk database and analysis tools
    • Financial management process and systems
    • Earned Value Management activities and tools
    • Requirements management activities and tools 
    • Other tools and activities as required
    • Other knowledge management tools and processes required to support project, program and portfolio management.
ICT Systems Planning Design  Procurement  Installation, and    Management 

We are highly skilled &  subject matter experts in:

    • Planning and development of ICT-related strategic project program and business goals development and management documents
    • Workflow instruction, processes, policies that are related to design, development, optimisation, efficiency and maintenance of standards, methods 
    • Setting up and running ICT systems applications, and operators in project management, program management, portfolio management
    • Installation, configuration, testing, maintenance and administration of project, program and portfolio management ICTs,
    • Providing quick and agile technical and functional support services, performance management, functional optimisation, monitoring and analysis of project management business enabling ICTs systems.

...we are skilled in defining, analysing and designing, input  data, performance data,  performance reports, lessons learnt as integral part of Project and Program Management Information Systems (PMISs)...

..we help our clients in justifying the need for best practices  establishment as a business, project  and program enabler,  assist in setting up best practices effectively  as well as operating efficiently ...