EEESS - Delivers PMO, ICT, Project Management & Technical Support

eeess  =  aiming   for" economically, ecologically, engineered   sustainable solutions in  projects and programs   management 

Project & Program Management 

we believe that knowledge, practices, standard project management processes can be applicable to:

  •  Most projects
  •  Most of the time, and
  • can add values and are useful.

Therefore, using the PMI BMBOK Standard, we professionally help our clients in:

  •  Initiating,
  •  Planning,
  •  Executing,
  •  Monitoring &  controlling, and
  •  Closing out

 projects and programs.

We are individually competent and organizationally capable in professionally complying with the above processes by systematically applying:

  •  Inputs, ie., inputs (documents, plans, designs, etc.),
  •  Tools and techniques (mechanisms applied to inputs), and
  •  Achieving the intended project outputs (documents, products, results,  services etc.).

We are trained, qualified, skilled and experienced in applying the  PMBOK knowledge elements:

  •  Project Integration Management,
  •  Project Scope Management,
  •  Project Time Management,
  •  Project Cost Management,
  •  Project Quality Management,
  •  Project Human Resource Management,
  •  Project Communications Management,
  •  Project Risk Management,
  •  Project Procurement Management,
  • Project Stakeholders Management
Program Management

We apply the PMI Standard Program Management and assist our clients in initiating programs to deliver benefits and accomplish business objectives.  We assist:

  • In identifying opportunities and benefits to achieve the organisation’s   strategic objectives through program implementation and ensure program strategic alignment.
  • In defining, creating, maximising, delivering, and sustaining benefits.
  • In capturing and understanding stakeholders' needs, desires, expectations and analysing  program impacts, gaining and maintaining stakeholders supports, managing stakeholders communications, and mitigating/channelling  resistances.
  • In establishing processes and procedures for maintaining program management oversight and decision-making support for applicable policies and practices throughout the course of the program, and
  • In managing all of the program activities related to program definition, program benefit delivery, and program closure using the program management cycle
Portfolio Management 

We assist our clients with tools and techniques that enable them to meet organisational strategy and objectives through efficient decision making in projects, programs, and operational management using  Portfolio Management Standards.

We are competent and capable of  identifying, categorising, monitoring, evaluating, selecting, prioritising, balancing, and authorising portfolio components within the portfolio by setting up key indicators and in helping our clients to achieve organisational strategies and objectives. We then apply standard tools and techniques and monitor, evaluate, and validate portfolio components relative to portfolios and its components’: 

  • Alignment with organisational strategies and objectives
  • Viability as part of the portfolio, based on key performance indicators and acceptable level of risks,
  • Value/benefit and relationship to other portfolio components
  • Available resources and portfolio priorities, and
  • Additions and deletions of portfolio components. 

We apply PMI Standards and deliver projects 

We link business strategies with a project and aprogram benefit deliveries

We structure  the processes to identify, categorise, monitor, evaluate, select, prioritise, balance, and authorise portfolio components