EEESS - Delivers PMO, ICT, Project Management & Technical Support

eeess  =  aiming   for" economically, ecologically, engineered   sustainable solutions in  projects and programs   management "

Quality Environmental & Safety Management 

We thoroughly review:

    • Project descriptions, major project deliverables, and acceptance criteria in Scope Statement, WBS Dictionary, Scope Baselines, and
    • Identify a particular interest of stakeholders’  requirements  in the Stakeholder Register,
    • Cost and time performance baselines which are set to measure cost and time performances against time,
    • Threats and opportunities that may impact quality requirements in the Risk Register,
    • Regulations, rules, standards, and guidelines specific to the project and working/operating conditions of the project/product which may affect project quality, and
    • Our clients’ and project participants’ quality policies and procedures.

In carrying out the above reviews we apply tools and techniques such as:

    • Comparing costs of quality with expected benefits, cost of preventing non-conformances to requirements, appraising the product or service for conformance to requirements,
    • Applying upper and lower control charts and benchmarking, or sampling and flowcharting or using proprietary quality management methods such as six Sigma, Lean production etc , and

and we develop deliver:

Project Quality Management Plan that  includes quality metrics and thresholds, timely performances, budget controls, defect frequencies, failure rates, availability, reliability, and test coverages, quality checklists and process improvement plans.

 We help in organisational maturity management  and organisational cultural change management  processes

We manage  projects, programs and portfolio initiatives and realise benefits  based on ISO 9001 standard requirements  platform